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Introduce Better Plans

At Save the Robots, our goal is to deploy an intelligent mail delivery system. We are someone, you can rely upon for a consistent emailing service. We are preferred by some recognized brands for a dedicated email platform. Whether you are just starting off or run an account of lakhs of emails, we have some approved plans for everyone. Even if instant messaging has risen up, email marketing still remains a composed choice of communication. Save the Robots provide bulk email solutions that bring the assurance of enhanced brand visibility. Email configuration in phones is not a new thing now. The fact of today’s market is that your emails get visibility on various devices. Certainly, you can’t afford to miss a considerable chunk of your potential audience.

Our Process

Strategy Creation:
How about creating an email marketing strategy and review the success rate of previous campaigns? When it comes to result-oriented email services, you must trust no one but the diligent. Whether you are shooting emails to be easily accessible or promote your idea, it needs the footsteps of a planning.

Goal Establishment:
It can be really fascinating to just start sending emails. But, the excitement can even fall from a rocketing pace without a goal pathway. The bottom line is to align your campaigns with the short-term goals. At Save the Robots we understand that the email marketing is powerful enough to achieve multiple objectives.

Email List Building:
Our team runs a brief dissection of your email marketing preference. Even if you want to get in touch with your existing visitors, or have a communication with clients who are not on your contact list yet. If it takes to make a list from scratch, we do it. The goal is to make it easier for people to find you and get in touch with you.

Campaign Selection:
Choosing your campaign type or scheduling your campaign, we work through everything for making it alive success for you.

Tracking Emails:
We strive for the next. You will frequently find our panel updated to latest functions and settings. One of the recent additions is email tracking. This allows you to check upon opened emails, delivered mails and even SPAM emails.


  1. Robust Email Framework
  2. High Service Uptime
  3. User-friendly Emailing Tool

Why Save the Robots?

  • Simplest email marketing software with easy navigation
  • Agreeable Prices
  • Personalised support system
  • Higher Click Through Rates
  • Bounce Management