While Brain has worn many hats in his career, the unifying theme is a deep seeded passion for delivering a great customer experience with stellar products. Whether it’s dazzling clients with a killer keynote or white boarding a revolutionary new feature, he has love knowing that his passion will spread, inspiring not only his teammates and partners, but eventually our end user.

He uses his passion as fuel, working hard to accomplish things like graduating from university in just three years, shepherding the iTunes Digital Copy product to reaching millions across the globe, and helping small companies like Breakr blow their own expectations out of the water on launch day.

In his personal life, he spends his efforts on community. He volunteers regularly with the YMCA and is an active community organizer, tackling issues like income inequality, the environment, and money in politics. He loves using activism and fundraising as an excuse to practice sales and cold calling.

Recreationally He is just as comfortable on the top of a mountain in a hammock with a good book as he is basking in the glow of my monitor playing a great game.