With growing need of big e-commerce industry, each and every businessman is looking for online business store where they can sell their variant products and services.

One can get a lot of benefits by opting for e-commerce as it delivers an extensive range of benefits to retailers and sellers. Today’s modern technology world of e-commerce is becoming a genuine significant for every businesses as there are lots of companies that are interested in developing their online business stores. Have a word with our big commerce partners learns to how we can help you in your business better than your market competitor.

application developmentBOOST CONVERSION RATE OPTIMIZATION: Our strategy is utilized of numerous devices and operating systems to analyze your online business store’s Purchase Funnel, high Conversion Rate, reduce bounce Rate, Page Speed, increase interaction, search engine friendly and Usability. The result outcomes opportunities mainly focused on store optimization and greater Return on investment or conversion improvement.

ADVANCEMENT OF CUSTOMIZATION: STR partners endeavor custom designs for Big Commerce store templates, Blueprint and Stencil themes, promote JavaScript, queries, HTML and CSS to create custom Big commerce stores that help our target clients to sell products more and more such as including limited options, custom cart marketing tools, bulk order forms and wholesale advance customization’s.

CREATE CUSTOM THEMES: Our STR partners create an effective, engaging, perfectly customized and responsive Big Commerce store theme, designed from the new to optimize conversions. The process certifies all details and information covered with Discovery, Wire frame, Mock up, Development, QA and Launch.

BRAND AWARENESS: E-commerce business helps to boost the brand awareness with consistent brand colors, typography and esthetics taste. Our experts customize business store themes, customers cart emails.

DESIGN: Our expert’s designs sketch, compose and deliver web design page according to the customers’ preference and requirement.

APPLICATION INTEGRATION : Our team manages supply chain, internal communication, custom built desktop and server apps and so on.