Every day your target audience is looking for answers to commonly asked questions. What better place to look for answers than Quora – the popular social Q&A website? Quora is a platform where questions are asked, answered, edited and organized. It is an ideal site to reach customers as they research a product or service and look for reliable information about your company, products, competitors. Thus advertisers can influence people during their consideration phase. Today Quora has over 600 million visits per month. This enormous traffic presents amazing opportunities for businesses to influence their audience on a platform that many of their competitors may never have thought of. What do you do when you need some information? You google it. And Google always has all the answers. Since Quora is a platform full of answers to questions, it’s easy for Google to rank the site at the top of SERPs for question-based queries. Bill gates correctly said, “The future of search is verbs”. What he meant was that when people search, they are looking for action. They want to find information to do something. Therefore Quora will gain more traffic from organic search. Marketing on Quora should not be approached with the sole objective of making a sale. Quora features industry leaders across all sectors who are not necessarily looking to make money off Quora. They just want to help, which is, of course, the prime focus of content marketing. Marketers use Quora to establish themselves as authority figures. Marketers can also use Quora to learn about their target audience and study their behaviours. How to get started with Quora? 1) Create your own profile 2) Follow topics of interest 3) Connect with your industry influencers 4) Create quality content and contribute answers regularly How to use Quora for Advertising? Quora Ads manager borrows hugely from Google and Facebook. So if you’re experienced with Google AdWords or Facebook Ads Manager, advertising on Quora will be a snap. So let’s get started! 1) Create an Ad Campaign Click on the blue “+Create Campaign” button. Once you click on the button, you’ll see several fields like “Name”, “Quora Conversion Pixel”.The conversion pixel confirms if your pixel is working. If the conversion pixel was installed correctly, the view count on the conversion pixel should increase. Click “Continue to set up ad sets” 2) Create an Ad set After naming your Ad set select the topics, locations and platforms. You can also exclude locations and questions by typing in which ones you’d like to exclude. Then you can set the CPC bid – just like in Google AdWords. In Quora, you get suggestions to help you if you’re not sure with the bidding process. 3) Create your Ads Once you reach this stage you have all the required fields lined up. They are Ad Name, Business name, Headline, Description, Landing page URL, Display URL, Call to Action. Fill these fields and you’re ready. 4) Performance measure You can measure the performance of your campaign through the conversion pixel. 5) Pay for results Just like other PPC models, you only need to pay when you get results. Sounds good right? Here are a few tips to consider: 1) Research Get as much information as possible about Quora. Use the app and find out what your competitors are doing on Quora. 2) Familiarize yourself with the policies It’s better to be aware of what works and what is frowned upon rather than getting tons of emails for disapproved ads. 3) Get to know your audience Understand what the traffic is doing once the users get to your site using UTMs. Dive deep into Google Analytics. Don’t just depend on your CTR – the metrics in the Quora ad manager may not give you the whole picture. Keep testing. Don’t copy-paste your content from Facebook or any other social media platform for that matter. What works for Facebook may not work for Quora. You may not reap results on your first try. Just keep testing. You’ll get there. Have you exhausted your efforts on Facebook, Instagram and other major platforms? Why not give Quora a try? Quora advertising may be the goldmine that is waiting to be unearthed for a long time. Have you tried advertising on Quora yet? What are your inputs? Let us know at Save the Robots – the best digital marketing agency in Adelaide.