Often, it so happens that your team is preoccupied with developing products/services and establishing a web presence that you tend to lose sight of the main asset of your company i.e your customer. Your marketing strategies and campaigns would be wasted if your audience does not connect with them. You need to dig deeper and get to know how your customers think, what are their likes, what causes them to make a purchase etc. You need to spy on them (but don’t be creepy, of course) The rise of social media has had a sobering effect where brands are being dissected by customers through conversations on various social media platforms. If your service or product doesn’t match their expectation, they’ll out you. Any business can thrive only if it has a set of loyal customers. Without knowing who your ideal customers are, you cannot carry on just creating products and marketing them. To develop a successful brand you should have a successful marketing campaign. For a marketing campaign to be successful, you need to understand your customers. As Tony Hsieh said, ”We take most of the money that we could have spent on paid advertising and instead put it back into the customer experience. Then we let the customers be our marketing” Putting your customers at the forefront will help you to develop long-lasting relationships with them. Everyone loves being given some kind of special treatment. Instead of telling customers what to buy, a customer-centric approach focuses on providing the customer with the product or service that he/she wants. Getting to know your customer is not just about identity. It is also about the preferences, needs, likes and dislikes. Following are some pointers that would help you to know your customers better: Listen to customers on social media – Talk to your customers on social media groups. Ask questions and get answers from them. Thus you can get an idea about what your customers are looking for. However, only social media monitoring will not help. You need to use social listening tools like Mention which helps to monitor your brand anywhere online. Also, it is imperative to respond to your customer when they come to you. Customers appreciate a quick response from companies. Find out what type of content engages your customers – Be it blogs, videos, images customers are engaging with different forms of content throughout the day. Most people are active media consumers. By using Google Analytics, you can see what kind of your own content your customers are connecting with. Does your audience prefer videos to blog posts? Then you may need to create more videos. You can learn what your audience likes and give them more of it. Find out which leads are not converting into sales – You need to identify at what point in your sales funnel are you losing customers. You need to ensure that each individual has the information to make a purchase. Small changes go a long way in tracing your audience if you make improvements all along. Today, the customers are smart and well-researched. They do not like to be told what to buy. You need to work with them in creating the solutions that they want. This will help you create a loyal customer base who will then help you succeed. Do you agree with these views? Or do you want some help on how to better focus on your customers? Let us know! We are a digital marketing agency in Adelaide and we’d love to hear from you!