You may have the best product in the world and may offer it at the best price. But still, no one will buy your product if they don’t know about it. You may end up joining the vast majority of start-ups that fail within the first 5 years. To survive, you need more leads. And more leads means more revenue. So what is lead generation? It is the process of attracting customers and capturing their interest in buying your product or service. Today customers have become smart. With the rise of the internet, the process of making a purchase has changed drastically. Information abundance has led to attention scarcity. Buyers have become adept at ignoring information that they don’t want to know about and find out what they want by researching themselves. So businesses should aim to improve their digital presence since today buyers are finding sellers rather than the other way around. Let’s check out some smart and simple ways to generate more leads: 1) Optimize your website: As stated earlier, buyers today are already more than halfway through their purchase process by the time they reach you. Your website is where people check you out first. This is where your audience needs to convert. You can optimize your website by doing the following:
  • Create a high-converting landing page
  • Pay attention to forms where you ask visitors to give their details.
  • Provide an attractive offer.
These pointers will help you to convert browsers into actual leads. 2) Improve your CTAs: Your CTAs should be where people can easily see them without having to scroll down. According to a heat map analysis done by Mike Volpe (Hubspot), only 50% of website visitors viewed the CTAs that appeared after scrolling down. Needless to say, you also need to use images along with text so that it stands out. 3) Combine Inbound and Outbound Marketing: Deploy both inbound and outbound marketing approaches to employ for a well-rounded marketing mix. Outbound marketing helps to enhance your inbound efforts and gives that extra nudge. Outbound techniques are highly targeted with very obvious CTAs. Outbound marketing methods get customers to think about you thereby pushing them through the funnel at a faster rate. Inbound marketing techniques involve personalising your emails, solving customer problems and maintaining your online presence. Combining both inbound and outbound techniques can multiply the number of potential customers who view your content and build healthy relationships, generating more leads. 4) Content Marketing: Just settling for good content is not enough. Go for relevant content that aims at engaging, informing and entertaining your target potential customers. Knowing your buyers’ personas will help you to better meet their needs and develop your content marketing strategies likewise. Just focusing on SEO keywords will not help you to understand what your customer really wants. Blogging regularly is a great way to improve your visibility and also to keep your website updated. You should always remember to include hyperlinks and prominent call-to-actions in your blog posts. 5) Leverage LinkedIn and Twitter: Along with blogging, get into the habit of regularly posting on social media. Strive to build relationships with your potential customers. Get to know your online audience by communicating and sharing information. You can use platforms such as Linkedin to attract new clients to your business. You can join Linkedin Groups that are most relevant to your business and participate in discussions by being a resource. Twitter can also be used as a source of potential leads for your company. By analyzing the information of your followers you can reach your audience and connect with them. Remember, don’t be boring! Include images as much as possible to make things interesting. Use proper hashtags to make your content easier to find. The more people find you, the more leads you get. 6) Youtube Videos: Very few people actually take time out to read the content that they come across. You can create promo videos to educate your visitors about your product or service. Youtube is a massive search engine and is the best platform for sending referral web-traffic. Here, you can maintain your own channel and share videos regarding upcoming events, tutorials etc. Today’s advanced technology has made it easy for anyone to create effective video marketing content. 7) Email Marketing: You may think that email marketing is a thing of the past. But it is still very effective and is a key component of every marketing campaign. Be it an event that you are organizing, or promoting a new product or service or just staying in touch with your customers,  email should be an important form of communication. While using email marketing to generate leads you need to consider the following:
  • Use a catchy subject line
  • Your emails should be concise and engaging
  • Include links to your social media page to redirect your readers easily
  • Include call-to-action at the top of the email.
8) Design great offers: As marketers, all our actions are directed to our clients and get them to buy our product/service. With FOLO and FOMO on the rise, you can put up offers and make them irresistible by using words like “exclusive” and “limited”. We know how people flock to year-end/Christmas sales. The same concept applies here. Whitepapers, guides, webinars act as compelling offers as they add value to the reader. Always remember to link back to your site in your offer so that people can find you when they want to. 9) Get personal: In today’s world of high connectivity text messages or emails can easily get lost or worse be ignored. People value a personal touch to their dealings that add value. So why not write a letter or give your prospects a call and have a one-to-one conversation with them? You may end up generating leads through client referrals. But for this, you must keep in touch with your existing customers on a personal level. Conclusion: Finally, marketers should remember that not all leads are at the same stage in the buying process and hence change their strategies accordingly. Keep using the above strategies to generate more leads, nurture them and convert them into sales. Need more help regarding lead generation strategies? Contact us at Save the robots – the best digital marketing agency in Adelaide, Australia and we can chat up!