Every brand is aware of the importance of content in their marketing strategy. Producing consistent and engaging content is the key to website traffic. However, just writing a few blog posts and sharing links on social media will not help to bring in leads or promote website traffic. This is where a proper content marketing strategy will help. Content marketing strategy is basically your “why”. Why are you creating content? Who is your target audience? How are you going to address them in a way that is different from all your competitors? A well-planned content marketing strategy can help your organization increase its revenue, cut down expenditures and attract customers. One of the most crucial and deadly mistakes in content marketing is focusing too much on the content and losing sight of the overall goal of your business. A disconnected view of creating content without thinking about its strategic role within your organization and it’s ecosystem leads to wrong focus. According to studies conducted, Those with a documented content marketing strategy are more likely to: Be effective at content marketing. Feel significantly less challenged with every aspect of content marketing. Can effectively use all content marketing tactics and social media platforms. You can think of your content marketing strategy as an outline of your business and customer needs and how to use content to address them. There are no fixed guides to build a fool-proof content marketing strategy. Each one will be unique to the business. However here are some commonly included points that you can follow: 1. Outline your objectives for creating content What is particular content going to do for your organization? Why are you creating it? To retain existing customers? To generate more leads? Create awareness? You should always remember, the goal is to improve business through content and not just creating good content. 2. What sets you apart? You’re no novice. You know that the internet is flooded with all types of content – both good and bad. So you need to find out “your thing” and find ways to develop it. What kind of content will define your business? Find the soul of your content program and develop your story based on it. 3. Audit your current content If you already have some content, then you can conduct an audit to find what worked for you in the past. You can analyze the types of content that were successful and duplicate the similarities in your new content or just work on the older ones by updating them. 4. Define your audience and map your content Create personas for your audience whom you would want to target. Understand their needs and find out what type of content may engage them. Map out the content that you can deliver throughout the buyer’s journey so that you can help them achieve their goals. 5. Platforms for our content marketing strategy Which platform would you like to use to market your content? What are your criteria for each story? Depending upon these you can choose a platform to share your brand story. Creating a successful content marketing strategy requires time, organization and creativity. However, it also requires periodical reviews and updates, revisiting old strategies, core topics and a little tuning-up for your content marketing strategy to remain on-target.