ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is a software that is used for business process management. When you have a ton of data coming up from various verticals such as technology, accounting and finance, manufacturing and distribution ERPs are essential. They help you have a structured and comprehensive view of all your channels.

With web sales increasing year after year, retailers have to be well-equipped to handle the rising demands of consumers. Your online store has to be sophisticated. Your front-end system should pass data to your back end ERP system without any hiccups. Integration of your e- commerce channels (Magento, Shopify, Woocommerce) to your ERP systems enables your organization to streamline all processes. The e-commerce-ERP integration strategy that you choose should connect seamlessly with the necessary enterprise systems. In short, what you need is data orchestration.

If your company is shying away from E-commerce and ERP integration foreseeing high costs or disruption to business, ‘Save the Robots’ is here to alleviate your fears. We have provided solutions to B2B customers across various industries depending upon their requirements. The benefits of e-commerce and ERP integration outweigh all obstacles.

Benefits of E-commerce and ERP integration

  • Reduce manual data entry and save time
  • Increased output with low errors
  • Effective data management
  • Automated features that avoid duplicate entries
  • Streamlined operations
  • Better customer experiences
  • Expand your business by adding multiple online and offline sales channels

You may be a retailer looking to move to a more modern integration framework than yourexisting one. At Save the Robots, we provide flexible solutions that foster innovation, profitability as well as manage existing systems. We offer you the integration solution that suits your business the most. Our aim is to create a partnership of collaboration and sustainable development.

Save the Robots provides the best solutions for e-commerce and ERP integration in Adelaide. We enable you to focus on improving your business rather than wasting your valuable time and energy in manual data entry and data processing. Contact us now to discuss your integration project.