Online shopping has grown massively over the past decade, and almost everyone indulges in it pretty often. This makes ecommerce websites and portals huge businesses, and highly preferred over brick and mortar establishments. If you’re just starting out your own ecommerce venture, you’re probably confused with the overwhelming number of options out there to pick from – and looking at what best suits your business. One of the best out there right now is 3DCart.
3DCart is a great website builder for small businesses looking to build their own online store. It has shown to have a very fast conversion rate, and is compatible with cellphones and social networks – which means you can now expand your horizons in the market. There are a ton of template designs that you can choose from, depending upon the kind of products you sell and the audience that you wish to cater to. Products can be segregated by categories too, and there are a lot of payment processors to choose from. Your website would also be equipped with a blog – which we all know if essential in the age of content marketing.
3DCart is also equipped with built-in SEO, meaning you don’t have to employ any other methods for that alone – saving you time and money. They also offer you a tech support team that gives you 24×7 assistance, all year round.
It’s also pretty easy to use. All you have to do is sign up, and you get a URL along with the software access to set up shop for your products. The inclusion of web hosting and a domain name is a big plus as well. It’s faster than most other ecommerce tools, and supports unlimited traffic and sales. You can also have your pick of built in or integrated CRM software or even connect whatever retail management tools your team uses.
A large problem that most people have when dealing with ecommerce portals is safety. Safety when dealing with transactions and also customer information. However, 3DCart is secured with sitewide HTTPS, and also has a PCI certification. It carries out two factor authentication, which helps your customers rest easy.
The software is most preferred because it is relatively cheap, and also is the best option when selling on eBay or Amazon. You can easily sync your products and orders with eBay, Amazon, Google Shopping, Facebook, etc. It also allows you to have centralised inventory management. The following are the pricing structures available at 3DCart:
  • StartUp Store: This is ideal for small home based businesses, looking to expand their market range out of the local sphere. The plan is only $19 per month, and provides access for one staff user.
  • Basic Store: This program has all the essential features necessary, and is ideal if you’re a small business who has spent some time in the market and is already the talk of the local area. The plan is for $29 a month, and provides access to 2 staff users.
  • Plus Store: The most popular plan at 3DCart, this one if for $79 a month, and gives access to 5 staff users. It has a complete marketing suite, that is equipped with all the tools necessary to sustain and grow new business outside your current range.
  • Pro Store: For large businesses, the Pro Store is perfect. It costs $229 per month, and gives access to 15 staff users. And the best part – it has ecommerce automation too. All of the above plans have no transaction fees on any payments and also give you the capacity to store and sell unlimited products.
3DCart also provides the best administration panel on your shopping cart, giving you accurate analytics of the works in your website. It also gives you the opportunity to personalise the experience for B2B customers, and also lets you segment your customers based on customer type – setting different minimum requirements for each group. You can also control visibility on the website, dictating how much can be seen and by whom. The simultaneous handling of B2B and B2C is one of the biggest advantages of 3DCart, really putting it apart from the rest.
While all of this is only a small introduction on what the world of shopping cart software is, and what the possibilities are – the best way to know more is to immerse yourself into it altogether. 3DCart also offers a free 15 day trial period for you to test out what works best for you.

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