We are almost 2 months into 2019. For us marketers, if there is one thing that is constant then that is ‘change’. With new technologies such as artificial intelligence, voice search, virtual reality, augmented reality edging out the conventional ones we as digital marketers may feel that we are chasing our own tails. While the power of effective marketing will remain undisputed, the ways and means keep constantly changing. So let’s have a look at the top trends that digital marketers will have to know or prepare to master in order to stay afloat. Chatbot use: Chatbots can be called as “virtual concierges” as they communicate with users and assist them in completing tasks. Chatbots are used extensively for everything from providing weather reports to automating basic customer support functions. Bots help your customer interactions get more personalized through their natural conversations using text or voice. Voice Search: It is estimated that by 2020, almost all searches will be done by voice. That does not mean just speaking into the microphones of your smartphones or laptops because most voice searches will not even require a screen. This is because people will be searching with devices like Google Home or Amazon Echo. As digital marketers, you may not like this. Because when it comes to voice search, being on page 1 will not matter. Google may or may not pull from your website. Your conversions will also be lower since people won’t actually visit your site. Google will just give them the answer that they are looking for. Until we find a way to solve this problem as marketers let’s attract as much traffic as possible before the market shifts into voice completely. Video Marketing: According to studies conducted, 70% of consumers say that they have shared a specific brand’s video and almost 72% of businesses say that video has improved their conversion rate. This means more than half of the users are watching videos and most of them are created for digital marketing. While Youtube is the most popular site for videos, you should also use other social media platforms to put up videos. Live video has gained popularity with many businesses using it for product demos, life in the office, behind the scenes glimpses etc. This also helps to create a sense of authenticity in the minds of users. The 360-degree video content is another video format which has captivated users and businesses alike. It allows for a more interactive experience helping to improve customer satisfaction. So, just stick to the fundamentals of good video production and you’ll end up making impressive gains. Programmatic advertising: Programmatic advertising is the use of AI to purchase digital ads. Computers use data to decide which ads to buy and how to pay for them. It helps to target more specific audiences. This automation has made the ad buying system more efficient and cheaper by using technology to replace some of the more menial tasks. So marketers and sellers can spend more of their time in planning sophisticated campaigns instead of getting bogged down in bureaucracy. Programmatic advertising is changing the face of digital advertising swiftly. It is wise to capitalize on this digital marketing trend and get ahead of the competition. Micro-Moments: As termed by Google, ‘micro-moments’ is a new consumer behaviour. Micro-moments occur when users reflexively turn to their smartphones to carry out certain tasks. They may want to learn something, buy something, cook something. During these moments decisions are made within a span of seconds. So you need to deliver your marketing message clearly and concisely otherwise consumers will lose their interest and move on to the next article. You need to be where consumers search for information – Google, Amazon, Youtube and any other platform for that matter where people go to search for information instantaneously. To conclude, we may state that, what worked last year may not do so this year. With technology getting more sophisticated and AI creeping up in every nook and corner, we need to take special note of the pointers mentioned above and start working on them to increase conversions. So what do you think is going to set trends in the digital world? Let us know at Save the Robots – the best digital marketing agency in Adelaide.