Do you have a 16-year-old kid who’s glued to his/her smartphone so much that it irritates you to no end? Well, you know that it’s of no use chewing his brain, trying to get him/her ‘do better stuff’ as you call it. According to Forbes, Gen Z (children born after 1995) is even more addicted to their digital devices than Millennials. Around 40% of this generation are self-professed digital geeks. They can go without food, but not without their smartphones. This is because they had access to Wifi and smartphones from as long as they can remember. They have grown along with technology. They can easily learn new software, become pros in using multiple apps (which you are skeptical to use)and can probably teach you a thing or two regarding the digital world.(if you allow them to) Why not tap into this trait of the Gen Z to expand your customer base?

Yes, it may sound cumbersome to you. “I am very happy with the way things are working out for me… Thank you very much”… you may say, but think about it. With the print media counting its last days and the television viewers shifting to online platforms like Netflix, within a few years the television viewership will dwindle and television ads will no longer have the desired effect.

The Gen Z spends more time using the internet on a daily basis. Use of technology and sharing of information is an important trait of this generation. Hence, they are more likely to come across your product online rather than through billboards /television/ print media. (Since their eyes would be stuck to their social media accounts even while traveling and they prefer reading stuff- book/news online rather than having the hard copy in their hands…)The future belongs to these young Gen Xers. As this demographic enters the consumer base, understanding their likes and dislikes is a good business idea. You can expand your business by catering to their needs. For eg: About 10% of the applications in Apple’s App Store were aimed at children up to college level and their sales were driven up by tapping into this section of the population.

Again, Gen Z is more global. They are more likely to relate to their peers in other parts of the world than the earlier generations. Whatever product/ service you offer, let it appeal to the children across the globe. Thus, if you want your business to last longer, going digital is a good marketing option. Don’t you fret though… we are always here to help!!

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