What are Chatbots? Chatbots are basically computer programs integrated in the messaging apps that are capable of mimicking human-like conversation. When Facebook initially announced the introduction of Chatbots into Messenger, the digital world went crazy. Suddenly Chatbots was a hot topic in the world of social media – how to use chatbots for social media, pre-sales service, customer support and other areas.

Well, chatbots have come a long way since then. Clunky bots that couldn’t understand you and had very little practical use are now a thing of the past. Today’s bots are smart, sleek and useful– in fact, research says that 47% of consumers would buy a product from a chatbot.

Today’s messaging apps have grown more popular than social media networks. So what do chatbots do? They help brands level automate basic functions, level up their customer service, improve engagement, user experience and conversion rates.

With all being said, chatbots have revolutionized social media marketing. Let’s have a look at few of the advantages of chatbots in social media:

 1) Automated Process

Chatbots provide automated customer service such as answering important questions, providing personalized offers on-demand and are intelligent enough to converse with consumers the same way a human assistant would. It is true that customers regularly need to contact your business – infact some surveys suggest that over 80% of online shoppers need assistance to complete a purchase. However, in a 24/7/365 digital marketplace, this demand is incredibly expensive. It means a default email with a promise to reply within 2 business days. Customers mostly prefer a meaningful response in just 30 minutes. This is where chatbots are making a huge difference.

2) Improved Access to Data

Information gathered by chatbots such as customer behaviour, purchases, preferences and so on directly goes to the organization which can be used to create even more personalized content & offers for customers. It can also be used to further improve the targeted social media advertisements and promotions.

3) Increase in Engagement 

On a very common day, hundreds of customers place their order on McDonald’s or on Dominos at a time through their app or Facebook page. Point here is that the page gets a number of customers at the same time but can deal with them perfectly via chatbots. Whereas, a human assistant can at most chat with 3 customers simultaneously.

4) Seamless Cross-Platform Experience

Since messaging apps have surpassed major social media networks in terms of usage, it makes sense for social media marketers to go where their customers are. Designing chatbots for multiple platforms gives business an advantage and a seamless experience.

5) Inject Some Personality

If you’re familiar with the concept of marketing personas used to define your ideal customer and their interests, you know chatbots helps inject some personality. By creating a persona for your chatbots helps make every customer interaction more natural and engaging. Disney created a bot version of one of the main characters to market their new film Zootopia and the experience was fun that led to the campagn going viral.