Today technology is moving ahead by leaps and bounds. The thing that is an innovation today, may be commonplace tomorrow. A normal internet user gets bombarded with tons of information and various names every day. So, it’s easier to forget the one thing that matters – the brand. So focusing on brand building rather than mere marketing will ensure long-term success. Creating a brand name is easy. You just need the right logo, stylish font, right colouring… And you’re done. But the brand is the people’s perception of you or your company. This perception is what can make or break you. Branding develops a story around your product. Marketing involves persuasion whereas branding involves an emotional connection. Marketing means promoting a product or service whereas branding promotes the idea or emotions attached to the company. For eg: Coca-Cola focused on happiness with it’s “Open Happiness” theme. There are many such brands which are recognised worldwide because of their expressive branding. You should focus on long-term branding with consistency and investment. Integrating digital marketing with branding will help you achieve results.

How to build your brand using digital marketing?

Focus on your audience:
Your campaigns or advertisements should be about the audience rather than you or your product. This will help to develop a positive vibe about the brand. Section your audience and target them specifically. For increasing awareness, let your ads serve new target audience as well as the old ones by reinforcing the brand initiatives.
When potential customers visit your site to gain information on your product/service what do they see? Is your content credible enough for the user to come back to make a purchase? Whatever you post on your website – be it information of your products or blogs, does it add value to the user? Do you have good case studies to testify your credibility to users so that they may be driven to make a purchase? – These are some of the questions you must find answers for, so as to establish your authenticity in the clamour of the digital world.
Social Media:
“Social Media is not a media. It is the key to listen, engage and build relationships” – David Alston. You can use this key to open the doors of a long-lasting market presence by actively engaging your customers. Initiating interactions with customers and get them to talk about your brand. You can spread your strategy messages and announcements through social media and monitor people’s response (or lack of it) which will help you to have a close insight on what the people want from you. Though there is ‘n’ number of social media sites today, it is imperative to focus on the one that suits your brand and your target audience the most rather than spending a fortune on many of them.
Maintain an up to date website
“A website is a window through which your business says hello to the world.” – Amit Kalantri. The key attributes of a good website are that it should create a good first impression, resonate your brand concept and at the same time provide the necessary information to the people in a simple and concise manner. Create your website as a buyer and not a seller. This will help you to attract more people and keep them interested in you.
For people to land onto your website, they should find you on search engines like Google, Yahoo!, Bing etc. Just ranking #1 on Google will be of no use if it does not generate the required sales. ‘Partnering with Google rather than tricking them…- Phil Frost’ will help you to reach that coveted position. If you design your website with the proper code, relevant content, provide fast user experience then you are giving Google a better chance of finding you. Last but not the least, – be alert and constantly monitor the audience’s reaction to your presence in the digital realm. Monitor the market for a change in trends, new topics and present your brand in resonance with the same. Emotional appeal works wonders in converting leads into sales. It is also wise to remember that you may not get results overnight but prepare for sustainable and long-term growth.