According to Marty Neumeier, A brand is a person’s gut feeling about a product, service or organisation. And using social media to build a gut feeling about your brand in today’s day and age is an absolutely nifty idea. Social media, as a platform is highly interactive. Organisations can connect with their audience, gain insights and customise strategies, thanks to social media.

Now, how does an organisation go about building a brand-consumer relationship using social media? Here’s how. 

Be Consistent.

Be it your values, your style or the intervals you take between two posts, you need to be consistent. Building a brand online is planting a little sapling. You have to keep feeding it constantly, at consistent intervals. Your customers and followers can tell when you are slacking and in today’s day and age, you really do not want a reputation of a slacker. 

Know what you stand for and stick with the cause. You can’t be promoting one thing on your stories and advocating something else on the feed. Your audience is smarter than you think. 

Be Authentic.

The internet is a big intertwined space, where there’s new content every second. There are multiple links associated with every little topic. It’s easier to spot inauthenticity online than to fake authenticity. 

A lot of brands and influencers are getting caught up in this war of authenticity. When an influencer cries on social media, the followers can tell whether it’s genuine or just for views. 

Similarly, avoid click baits. Its a lot like crying wolf. It may work once, maybe twice, maybe even thrice. But once your followers have spotted a pattern, they are quick to unfollow. If you are creating social media content solely to garner hits and likes, you need to rethink your strategy. 

One other thing, when you are trying to create a brand on social media, it’s only natural, that mistakes happen. In such cases, It’s redundant to conceal your mistakes because multiple people have seen your mistake already. The best way to handle it is by owning up and correcting your mistakes. 

Be Interactive  

Social media is a highly interactive platform one uses to promote and create their brand. The whole point of using social media to build a brand is to interact with your followers, know what they like, know their experience, and create products and services that suit them the best. 

It’s obvious that when you post something on social media, your followers would have something to say about it. And it’s a good thing. This generates a buzz, you get to create awareness about your brand by engaging in conversations, answering questions of your followers and interacting with them. 

If you don’t like engaging with your customers and followers, social media is probably not the place for you. You cannot just post something and then disappear. It creates a  sense of inconsistency. 

Be Respectful 

Interacting with your potential customers on social media is extremely important. But what’s even more important, is being respectful. The internet is a free for all, home team advantage, kind of space. There are billions of people with trillions of opinions, which you may not necessarily agree with. Disagreeing with them respectfully is a skill you may want to learn because unkindness is a bad look on any brand. 

When you are trying to make a mark for your brand on social media, it is important to know that you are being watched by every single one of your customers. Think about how being disrespectful and unkind will affect your brand. 

If someone comes at you learn to walk away, do not engage in an argument unnecessarily, there’s always an option to report abuse.  

Be well-informed

We have already established that your followers and customers are smarter than you think. Anything they want to know and everything they want to know is one google search away. So, It is crucial to have complete knowledge about the demographic your brand is targeting and your competition. Do a total SWOT analysis before you make any statements or claim to be the only one out there providing a certain product or service.

Be smart with what you present, and present yourself with complete confidence. Be your own promoter and you will rock.