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Today, you would be committing economic suicide if you are a retailer who only sells in a brick and mortar store. You’ll be missing out on a whole lot of opportunities that only e-commerce can offer. Amazon, being one of the largest e-commerce companies in the world, has changed the way we shop or do business online.

Amazon retail sales crossed $250 billion as of 2018 in the US alone. Amazon sellers can exploit the massive potential of the Amazon marketplace spread out across the world. If you are already an Amazon seller, you may agree that Amazon FBA ( Fulfilment by Amazon) is the best way to increase sales. However, due to high competition, you often have to jostle your competitors to get ahead. People go to any lengths to grab the top position. From counterfeit products to hijack of products – the list goes on.

The issues rose to such an extent that Amazon had to face multiple lawsuits from brands who accused the e-commerce giant of not curbing the sale of counterfeit products on its site. To sort out the mess, they came up with Amazon Brand Registry to reduce counterfeiting and IP (intellectual property) violations.

Who can register?

As the name suggests, any ‘brand’ with an active trademark can register with the Amazon Brand Registry. Once your logo and intellectual property are registered with Amazon, you can eliminate imitation products of your brand and take down the listings and seller accounts from Amazon.

What are the benefits of the Amazon Brand Registry?

With Amazon Brand Registry 2.0 you can,

  • Access enhanced marketing features
  • Have complete control over your brand
  • Protect your registered trademark.
  • Exercise control over your product listings and ensure that accurate information is given for your products
  • Access proprietary image and text search
  • Avail the benefits of enhanced customer support
  • Easily list products without UPCs or EANs
  • Search your ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number – a unique product identification number used within in bulk and report any infringement asap
  • Enhance the customer experience.
Why should you enrol?

If you are a seller or wish to become one on Amazon, you should not overlook the Brand Registry program. Why so? Read on to find out:

1) You can protect your brand:

In the highly competitive marketplace that Amazon offers, sellers often resort to all sorts of belligerent methods that may trouble even the most successful Amazon sellers. One such method is hijacking the listings. While examining your listings one fine day, you’ll find two offers on one of your listings. Is this possible? Yes, if someone is selling a fake version of your private label product. You took all the effort to create your own brand for what? To get driven out of the buy box? Well, not any more. Once you are registered with Amazon through Brand Registry, you become the sole owner of the ‘Buy Box’. So even if someone tries to hijack your product, you can intimate the same to Amazon support and have the hijackers eliminated.

2)   Increase in sales:

Once the fraudulent listings are removed and the information from your business is prioritized, you’ll find that there is a definite increase in sales. Amazon Brand Registry works to increase sales and improve conversions.

3) Control your product listings:

With Amazon Brand Registry you can control your product page details like title, description, image etc. So, when a shopper views your product listing they can also see your content. Thus resellers or knock-off versions of your product cannot gain control of your product detail page preventing brand misrepresentation. In short, you have full control over your branding efforts.

So fellas, don’t you wanna control your Amazon product pages and update the product information on a timely basis? With Amazon Brand Registry you can do just that! You can rest assured that your branding is perfectly aligned with your company’s goals and customer expectations.

Have you tried Amazon Brand Registry? Do share your experiences with us! Save the Robots is a leading e-commerce solution provider in Adelaide and we provide front-end as well as back-office support for your Amazon account. Contact us to know more.