In today’s fast paced world, where product ranges are broad and attention spans are narrow, it can be difficult to garner traffic towards you. However, nothing is impossible with a few well thought out techniques and properly executed plans. It is important to understand though, that no matter how well we plan, nothing can guarantee good following without great content. The best way to market is to help people with valuable information in terms of content rather than cold selling. Here are a few strategies that have great track records:

  • Blogging: Commonly understood as talking about your thoughts and lifestyle, blogging is so much more than that. Blogging could also be writing that pertains to your target market and the things that you sell. If you sell dog food, write about tips for people to keep their dogs healthy. Everyone on the internet asks questions and the quickest way for them to find you is for you to answer those questions. Provide content that is useful and embed your product in the answer. This engages the audience and they are more likely to buy your product if it helps solve their problems. If your ranking grows, then you automatically get free, consistent and even passive traffic.
  • YouTube: YouTube is growing rapidly and is a huge platform for content creators today. Title your videos in accordance to the kind of questions that people ask. Filter through keywords explorer and frequently asked questions on ahref to know what would drive people to your site. Make sure your content is crisp, informative and condensed to have maximum audience retention.
  • Social Media Marketing: If you are a beginner to the social media game, wanting to generate a loyal and interested following – it is best to stick to only one platform at a time. Build a strong base in one area and maybe expand later if you wish to. This is much better than spreading yourself too thin over lots of platforms. Find the social media platform that best attracts the kind of crowd that you wish to cater to, and build your content there. Remember to tailor your words to common ones used by the people on the platform to generate maximum traffic.
  • Paid Ads: Paid ads in general are a system of placing bids on an ad space. However, it is important to understand the 3 basic principles of paid ads – Audience, Budget and Commerciality.
  • Audience – Advertise where your target audience has maximum concentration.
  • Budget – Pay Per Clicks on different platforms are not always affordable. This usually makes you pay a lot of money per click, and you can only afford a few clicks. Instead, filter through keywords and sift through pricing, and specific words that are relevant to your product. Also try out different ad platforms that may not be as popular, but are frequented by the audience you want.
  • Commerciality – People could spend a lot on their ads, and yet not get any returns on their investment. Which means that if you don’t properly commercialise your product, there is no hope for you to have any customers at all. Invest in creating niche content that is filled with appropriate keywords.
  • Podcasts: Podcasts are huge today, because of their consumer convenience nature. They can be accessed anywhere and everywhere, and you could listen to a podcast while simply going about your everyday life. The two ways to get traffic with your podcasts are either to create your own or be a guest on someone else’s. Obviously, without a large following, getting viewers/listeners for your created podcast would be difficult. Which is why, reaching out to someone who already has a podcast and caters to the audience that you want to reach. Go through relevant podcasts and contact the creator for a possible collaboration with you. This helps awareness for your brand and recognition as well.

These are only a few basic tips for when you start out with digital marketing. There is a long road ahead, and most of it can only be navigated through experience, making mistakes and making your own decisions in different situations. We hope this helped you in some way. Go forth and conquer!