We may very well agree that video marketing is the way of the future. Today, the average user’s attention span is less than a few minutes. So, to convey your message, you’ll have to choose a medium which can captivate, engage and render an experience to the user within a short span of time. What better way to market your product than through video marketing? Video is the most entertaining and addicting form of content available online. We live in a visual world where there are more than 1 billion mobile video plays on Youtube, 8 billion video views on Facebook and 3 billion Snapchats created every day. So, if your content strategy did not include video marketing so far, then you are lagging behind. There are many benefits to using video content in visual marketing. Following are a few of them: 1) Brand recall: Videos are processed 60,000 times faster than text. It is easier for users to remember videos. If customers remember your videos, they will also remember your brand which means more leads and sales for you. Users are also prone to share the videos which they liked with their contacts which would also expand your online reach. However, just because your video popped up on their feed, the user may not watch it till the end. You should make sure that your content is captivating. Quality and response-provoking content is the key to success. 2) Boosting your site’s SEO: Visitors tend to spend more amount of time on your website if you include video content. When a user spends more amount of time on your website, a level of trust is created with the search engines signalling them that quality content is provided on your website. Thus, if a video is included in your website, you are much more likely to have a better ranking in a Google search. Also, optimize your video content for SEO. Ensure accurate descriptions and titles for your videos, add backlinks and include any other important information that your audience should know. 3) Quantifiable: Do you know how much of your blog did your visitors actually read? Did they just skim through or read it completely? Or did they read the first few lines and abandon it? Textual content is difficult to measure based on these parameters. On the other hand, in case of video content, you can find out the number of times someone watches a video, even the point in the video where the user stopped watching. With this information, you can truly have an eye on what’s happening and therefore optimize your videos. 4) Potential to go viral: About 92% of people who watch a video share it with others. This is higher than the share rate of most types of content out there. There is a fair chance of your video being a web sensation. This is arguably the best benefit of video content as it can instantly popularize your brand and make you reach wider audiences. In conclusion, we can say that video marketing is here to stay and is a great choice for the present as well as the future. Also, video conversion rates are much better than other types of content marketing. Due to its viral nature and ability to promote emotion-driven sales video marketing stands out as an intelligent way to stay competitive and relevant. So, over to you! Now that you’ve got the gist about the benefits of video marketing, start creating entertaining and informative videos and get the numbers rolling!