.NET is a free, open-source, cross-platform framework created by Microsoft. It can be used for developing different types of applications using multiple languages, editors and libraries. It is one of the most popular frameworks used to build enterprise-class applications.

Save the Robots is an expert .NET Web development company in Adelaide. We love creating modern, secure, scalable and feature-rich .NET web applications. At Save the Robots, we provide .NET-based web solutions and as well as cross-platform .NET core applications that help you to automate the existing workflows, streamline processes and facilitate data management.

Features of .NET

  • .NET is an open source platform with active community support. You can discuss your technical challenges and find answers to them on StackOverflow, ASP.Net forums and more.
  • All .NET applications are secured with built-in Windows authentication. A group of services are in place to prevent critical issues like bad pointer manipulation or malicious attempts to alter compiled code. The .NET framework gives you immediate alerts for memory leaks, unbounded loops and other questionable behaviours and kills them
  • .NET is really fast. It enables applications to have a better response time and use less computing power.
  • The ASP.NET framework is language independent. You can choose any language that suits your application the best.
  • The controlled environment of .NET allows developers to build, install and execute all types of applications. Whether they are mobile applications running on iOS, Android and Windows or Enterprise server applications running on Windows and Linux or high-scale microservices running in the cloud, .NET has a solution for you.
  • .NET allows developers to reuse code elements and follows an object-oriented approach. This helps to manage, and test codes easily thereby reducing costs and time for development. The combination of extensive class libraries, common APIs, multi- language support and powerful tooling makes .NET the most productive platform for developers.

Our .NET Services

At Save the Robots, we bring business centric web development solutions at reasonable rates. Use ASP.NET and get a dynamic and feature-rich website. Save the Robots is counted among the best ASP.Net web development companies in Australia. We provide a wide range of ASP.NET web development services which include:

  • Customised ASP.NET development services
  • Migrating from other platforms to
    ASP.NET or updating to the latest version of ASP.NET without any hassles.
  • CMS development, database applications development and web portal development.
  • Development of fast, scalable, enterprise-level web and mobile app solutions based on your business requirements.
  • E-commerce shopping cart development
  • ASP.NET Consulting services
  • ASP.NET re-engineering, maintenance and support.

We stand out because…

At Save the Robots we use agile development methods which helps us to deliver our projects on time. Our dedicated ASP.Net developers give you the required updates on your project on a timely basis. All our web and mobile designs ooze elegance and are designed to capture as well as hold the attention of your audience. Our websites are SEO-friendly with cleaner codes, responsive and user-friendly design and advanced navigation system. We provide flexible
engagement models to meet your diverse business needs.

ASP.NET is the programming language of the future due to it’s highly reliable and robust nature. More and more companies have chosen .NET over other software frameworks. Are you one of them? Contact us for more details on our ASP.NET web development services